Digital Signage Delivers

If you have customers sitting around or waiting in line, digital signage is probably a no-brainer.



Create a more engaging experience with twenty-three different content modules that get your customers out of their phones and interacting with each other.



What offers and events would your customers would love to know about? Easily create compelling messaging and update it as often as you need to.



Do your customers know everything you wish they knew about your business? Educate them in a way that they will enjoy watching and will pay attention to.



Your customers hate to wait. A great visual experience dramatically reduces the perception of waiting and turns that negative experience into a positive one.



Want your customers to follow you on social media? Write a review? They’re sitting there with a phone in their hand just waiting for a nudge to do it.



How much does it cost to design, create, and print tabletop material — and keep it up-to-date and looking good? Digital signage is cheaper and more compelling.

But Digital Signage is Hard

Building, installing, and maintaining digital signage is more than most businesses can handle on their own.



With literally hundreds of software packages available, do you have time to sort through them all to determine which is the right fit for your business?



Digital signage can require screens, mounts, stands, media players, cables, connectors, and often even distribution amplifiers. Where do you start?



Setup cost alone can be intimidating — software and hardware aren’t cheap — but ongoing costs like maintenance and content creation add even more.



How will you connect your media player to the screen — HDMI, RS-232? And how will you connect it to the network for getting updates — Wi-Fi, LAN?



Can you design and publish professional, polished content for your screens? If not, who’s going to do that and keep it up-to-date with fresh content and changes?



What happens when the screen goes out or the content isn’t showing up like it’s supposed to? Do you have time to stop what you’re doing and handle that?

Blue Sky Indoor Makes it Easy

We give you everything you need for great digital signage — at zero cost and zero risk.

No Upfront Cost

We’ll use a TV you already have and supply the rest of the hardware, the software, and all the connections. We even install it all for you! You get a full digital signage system for your business absolutely free.

Zero Net Ongoing Cost

For large customers, our costs are comparable to what you're already paying for cable or satellite — but unlike cable or satellite, our service more than pays for itself through increased same-store sales.

No Risk

Don’t like what our signage is doing for your business? We’ll come take it down at no cost to you. There are never any long-term contracts to sign, so you’re free to cancel at any time.